R&D can help a company follow or stay ahead of market trends and keep the company relevant. If a trend is already happening or is bound to happen, a company's R&D department can help it take advantage of that new trend.

Although resources must be allocated to R&D, the innovations gained through this research can actually work to reduce costs through more efficient production processes or more efficient products.

 R&D also connects various parts of a company's strategy, such as marketing and cost reduction. Specifically, companies should invest in R&D due to increased market participation, cost management benefits, advancements in marketing abilities and trend matching.

So here is what we are working on in 2017 so far
Semantic Lifting
We perform linguistic analysis on your data and extract entities. Your data will be more structured and ready for amazing analyses.
Linked Data Integration

 What your data hides from you? We enhance your existing data with the Linked Open Data world. You will get surprised when you see what you can get out of your data!

Semantic SearchHaving trouble while looking for your documents? You don't remember the right keywords? With the semantic search; we offer systems which can think and understand what you intend to search!

Research & Development